VCA Perlee vs. Cartier Love?

  1. Elegant and gorgeous. You made the right choice. Now I want one . . .
  2. Thank you! I love it, I highly encourage you to go try it on...all of the Perlee line bracelets are fun! :smile:
  3. PERLEE! I'm dying for a love bangle but the perlee doesn't compare! I'd love to combine one with a plain love one day.
  4. It's STUNNING!!! Great choice.
  5. Wow kat, just stunning!

    I am having this exact debate - between VCA Perlee and Cartier Love pave. I am glad I ran a search and found this thread. You made a great choice :smile:

    I am leaning towards VCA. Above all about its feminine design and gorgeousness, it is also less recognizable to 'general population'. My only hold back is how well the clasp and in general the bracelet hold over time. You have had it for a few years now right? Do you wear it often? How do you like it now? :p

    Also, yours is YG? (It looked a little more RG in the box :p) Was it a 17.5 (medium size)? My other concern is about sizing - I am 16 in Cartier Love and I think I'd need a small in Perlee, which is 15.5. Sounds super tiny and it's a special order and I cannot try it on locally…

    Thank you in advance!!!
  6. Bouganvillier, if you are a size 16 LOVE, then you will definitely need the small Perlee. The medium Perlee would easily go over your 16 LOVE. I have the LOVE in size 16 and tried the small Perlee but not together. The fit is about the same. Also tried the medium to make sure but it was way too big.

    If you need an awesome SA in the US, let me know ;)

  7. Thanks for the info! Yes I'm definitely a true 16 in Cartier.

    I was thinking about ordering from NM since I'm more familiar with the return policy and bought my YG 10 motif from them. But they told me it's special order and wait is 6 months! Do you think you SA would have it around? I'm in the US yes, would you PM me about the SA? Thank you!
  8. I sure will !!! Yes, my SA is at NM - the manager at VCA actually, and if anyone can make it happen faster, he definitely can :smile:
  9. The small is definitely a special order and it took 3-4 months for mine. It may take longer for yours because of the diamonds. VCA in France actually has to make it for you so I am not sure how much faster you can get it unless it is already in stock somewhere. It may depend on which color you want too. I ordered through NM for the points which is a nice bonus.


  10. Hi - I still wear and love this bracelet. I wear it on and off and it has fared fine. I think there may be some intrinsic problems with the clasp for some, but I also think you just have to be a little careful when clasping it, it's a delicate little piece of metal. I've never had problems.

    Mine is RG, when I got it they didn't 'have YG :smile: I have small wrists but went with the medium (regular) size because I like some movement in my bangles. The small fit me (and at the time they had one ready to go at the BG/Madison VCA location) but it was a little too fitted for my liking.

    I'd really recommend this bracelet but you'll be happy with whatever you choose!
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    Thank you for the info and advice. The last thing I want is to own it and break it. Even then, I am assuming VCA will fix it :p

    Oh, I did not know YG is relatively new. Sounds like a classic someone would request. Same with the Cartier JUC with diamond in YG, I guess. Random they left that out... I was surprised that they just added that on their book recently.

    Lucky you had the small in stock. I would love to try it on. Wish me luck please!

    Sorry to deviate a little from bracelet, I just visited your IG. Boy you have the nicest pics! I saw your lovely Alhambra necklaces (all YG 10 and Onyx/YG 20). I am wondering, did you add some length to the YG 10? On the back or between the motifs? I just receive the same necklace for Christmas, mine certainly looks shorter than yours and I have been thinking about adding length to it... Thank you again!!
  12. Aww, thank you!

    I do have a little necklace extender I use on the YG. When I wear it with my onyx however, what I do is link the two necklaces together as one (so the 10 YG and 20 Onyx). Then I loop it around my necklace and that way I can play with the length as each if that makes I make the 10 gold look a little longer, the onyx look a little shorter. Hope that helps!
  13. Makes perfect sense! Thank you again ;)

  14. Oh my, thank you so much for this idea! Could you by any chance take a photo of the layering effect? Also, can you recommend where to buy a necklace extender?

  15. Thank you so much, Kat99, for this idea! It's exactly what I'd like to do...once that is I'm able to buy another 10 Onyx necklace:graucho:

    Could you by any chance take a photo of the layering effect? Also, can you recommend where to buy a necklace extender?