tPF Official Coach Spring 2012 Preview!

  1. ITA! I'm completely underwhelmed. I MUST be having a bad day!
  2. Thanks for posting the pics, but, based on the pics, my money will be staying in my wallet with me. I'm not feeling anything in the pics.
  3. I could cry seeing all of the past issues! That's what I used to love about Coach.
  4. I'll be waiting :crybaby:
  5. AWESOME pics.
    I am going to get that little one with the 70th anni tag. Saving up for that one, for sure!!!!
  6. I can't stop going back to photo #5...
    So looking forward to the vault pictures :smile:
  7. Thank you very much for the preview. Awesome job.

    Unfortunately I'm not dying to have any of them. Which is great for my budget, but bad for my daydreams.

    Maybe there will be some have-to-have accessories to fill the void ;))))).
  8. I hate to say this, and can't really BELIEVE I'm saying this, because I don't think this has ever happened to me, but I'm sooooo not seeing anything that I can't live without. In fact, I feel a bit disappointed. I was looking forward to coming home to this ALL DAY and after I saw this thread, it's kind of a letdown. That doesn't mean that once I see some of these bags IRL that I won't change my mind; that has been known to happen with me....but for now......I'll be saving money I guess.

    But a big thank you to Vlad and Megs for getting us all the pics!!!
  9. 14,15,16,and 17 are my loves so far! I'm also happy to see that they are continuing with the Lindsey because I'm pretty sure I'll want more than one!!!
  10. I can't wait!!!! I'm dying to see what's in there!

    Thank you soo much!
  11. :woot::woohoo::yahoo::tup:
  12. I so want the turnlock sandals!

  13. :drool::woot::faint:^^ Oh...what I would give to be let loose in that vault...the stuff dreams are made of!!
  14. All I can think about when I look at all of those beautiful light coloured handbags is colour transfer!:blush:

    And what's up with the handcuffs?
  15. :true: I agree with both of you ladies and Antonia. I am liking Fall collections much better. I'm a little disappointed.
    But thanks ladies for the photos.