tPF Official Coach Spring 2012 Preview!

  1. This one! LOL... its a spring basket bag :smile:
  2. Loving everything, especially the new Kristins.
  3. Wow! Woven must be the way to go! Love love both shoes in pic #7!

    Thanks Vlad! As always you rock!:urock:
  4. NVM! They weren't all loaded yet!
  5. I like how they are doing some of the hangtags on the expensive bags... a leather hangtag inside a metal silouette insert... very cool
  6. #14 is really cute! I wonder what other colors it will come in?
  7. Other than the aviators and the reversible bags...I agree with you...:cry:
  8. Oh-m-gee!!! Some seriously beautiful bags there!
    but the watches are a bit of a matter though, the bags just restored my faith in the brand....
  9. I came back for this! Yummmmmm
  10. Safe!!!
    So far!!
  11. Looks like we are gonna have to start saving now!!
  12. Thanks M & V! I like how they are celebrating several years of Coach for their 70th anniversary by reinventing styles and detailing from past lines. The turnlocks and dowels, the hangtag basket, the tote shapes, the Ali-ish detailing, the Cricket-like colors... very cool. :tup:
  13. Python, python, python, Yippie! :happydance:
  14. Love the updated Legacy stripes!!!
  15. omggg the vault