TPF Official Coach 2011 Fall Preview

  1. The most anticipated sale of the season is here! Come join the official NAP sale discussion thread and share your haul with us!
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  1. can someone post again how I can use the drilldown?
  2. The Sequin drawstrings aren't on the website :sad: Do you think they will be department store exclusives???? I sure hope not :sad:
  3. I don't know, dear...I hope not! It almost makes me want to go buy the purple one, just in case it is. :sad:
    I fully expected to see it this morning, but no. I am sorry I got you excited...BUT, you can always call Coach and order it if you really really want it. :biggrin:
  4. Okay here it is.

    I have bought many Coach bags for my wife over the years. So much so I am a closet handbag connoisseur. Saw the new fall lineup last week and I knew this is one I would have to buy as a gift. I purchased it couple days ago and get it delivered tomorrow from the Coach FL warehouse.. Not available in stores yet. However it is out in distribution as per my fabulous Coach sources tells me. Hence why I was able to get it.

    I got mine yay! Good luck girls.

    Limited Edition 500 made
    style: 18207
    color: Sv/Lca (light camel)
    quantity: 1

  5. Woohoo! That's such a gorgeous bag and your wife will love it!
  6. Pics from the latest Coach catalog...

    Poppy Pushlock Satchel #17888 Camelia and Black:

    Poppy Mini Satchel #46089 Sand/Gold and Poppy Lil' Gem #46334 Sand/Gold and Camelia:

    Poppy Pushlock Flap #17925 Sand:
  7. Poppy Slim Zip #46070 and Glam Tote #17884 in Dark Amethyst:

    Triple Mini Heart Necklace #95636 and Signature Heart Ring #95739 and
    Poppy Leather Cinch #17926 in Ash:

    Madison Pleated Leather Sophia #17773 in Flint:

    Madison Pleated Leather Sophia #17773 in Rose and Madison Gathered Leather Sophia #19542 in Taupe:
  8. Chelsea Emerson Satchel #17847 in Walnut:

    Chelsea Leather Flap #17825 in Soft Putty, Curry and Lime:

    Chelsea Embossed Stitched Patent Emerson #17846 in Olive and Grey:

    Chelsea Embossed Croc Emerson #17851 in Stone:
  9. Chelsea Embossed Croc Reese #18020 Dark Brown and Stone:

    And the last pic in the catalog...
    Chelsea Dowell Flap #17782 in Ivory:
  10. Nice! Thanks for all the pics :smile:! I wish they had the Poppy Slim Zip in Amethyst on the Web site!
  11. Those Lil' gem bags are so cute!!!!!
  12. I love all of them but love the poppy pushlock flap because its awesome and at a fabulous price too.
  13. Does anyone know the color of the lining in the ivory chelsea dowel bag?