~Tote Reveal~

  1. Why thank you darlin'...

    You too! :tender:

  2. I have this bag too, in the vanilla print. I love the darker handles and the pockets! It was very hard for me to switch out of this one.
  3. It's called lacquered pink. I looked at it some more though and I think I will pass.
  4. This Mk tote has become my new travel bag.
  5. I'm come over to MK for a visit and look who I find!!! :graucho:
    I love this bag, saw someone carrying one today and it definitely reminds me of the Totally. Stopped in the MK store and they have this print in black for fall, it was very subtle, kind of like it although I didn't see this style (yet!).
    Enjoy your MK (I'm carrying an MK tonight!)
  6. I love it in the vanilla. Now, I want it in black too.

    This one became a fave quickly!

    I love that MK did this bag in the darker trim to change it up a bit.

    The fact that it's a Macy's exclusive is a plus too. I don't see this bag coming and going.

    It's a true work horse and braves the Chicago weather quite well.

    Take care! :biggrin:

  7. Why hello there! :wave:

    I stopped in the MK today and saw the black as well and fell in love with it! I only saw it in the satchel as well & I agree that it is very subtle. I love the black leather handles on it. I saw the matching zippy to your mirror MK and was sooooo tempted by it. I wish I had jumped on those slg's when I had the chance!!

    YAY !!! you're carrying MK :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  8. I took a double take.....I thought this was my bag!!!!! LOL!!!!!

    I can't wait for the black and the other vanilla and brown totes with the brightly coloured interior! This bag is awesome. I switched out of it 3 days ago and now, I'm switching back....it's just so comfortable!!!!
  9. In using mine today:smile: I love it! So glad I bought ...