Tory Burch Robinson Satchel Dome - Anyone has it?

  1. Looks great! Congrats!
  2. I love the color of your bag, I have YSl gauche bag the same color!:biggrin:
  3. Nice Color! :biggrin:

    It comes with a Strap? There is another regular size dome so i guess it will be much bigger than yours!
  4. Mint color SOLD out already! left with Luggage color only.
    There is a new color for the bigger size dome in French Navy. :graucho:
  5. Hi Belle79, hows the material of your dome bag?
  6. Yup, it does come with an adjustable strap for crossbody, etc

    The Saffiano leather is nice, up close it looks like it has a cross-hatch pattern and it's very structured.
  7. Thanks! I am considering the Luggage color as well, more neutral....
  8. Thank you :biggrin:
  9. Thanks gracious127, I am having second thoughts. Maybe i'll just get directly from a Tory store:smile:
  10. Plus the interior is very different from the one in bloomingdales, knockoff it is:smile:
  11. Interior is very different, knockoff:sad:
  12. i REALLY wanted the mint a few weeks ago but it sold out SO fast. I wantd the french navy in the large. i went to order it online today and it was SOLD OUT. i was so disappointed.

    distressed, i went to the TB boutique at my local mall and a lovely SA called some stores. she couldn't find the french navy dome anywhere to order for me and asked me if i wanted any colors. I figured why not give it a shot and asked her to look for the mint (thinking i'd never find it). Well she found one that had 2 in stock at their store and I ORDERED IT :biggrin:

    WAHOO! i should be the owner of a mint dome (i had to get the smaller size, but it doesn't seem too small:p) by next week! wahoo!
  13. this looks absolutely beautiful. how is it holding up for you?