Time to buy a watch, but which one!? Chanel, Cartier, Rolex??

  1. I think we are twins!!
  2. Very nice! Love the sparkles on your ring too!
  3. Love the J12! Looking good ladies, as always. ^
  4. Definitely midsize Rolex DJ - timeless and classy
  5. Newest addition, couldn't resist, love how shiny it is. :coolio:

  6. One more addition, I guess I really couldn't make a decision so I ended up with four watches on my list with a few changes in option. Thanks for everyone's comment.

    Presenting the Rolex 31mm datejust
  7. Beautiful watches! And your yellow diamond is TDF :drool: :heart:
  8. Thank you 628628, I have one more watch on my wish list, and after that, I think I am done with watches, at least for a very long time. :smile:
  9. You have a gorgeous watch collection! So what's the watch still on your list? I can relate to wanting more than one watch and waiting for the next present time to get it. I think it's awesome that your taste didn't change and you still wanted the watch you were considering back then, it's proof that the watch will stand the test of time in your wardrobe because you liked it consistently before even owning it! I've loved two Cartier watches since the summer of 2011:nuts: the two tone santos and the tank Francaise all SS and I'm not even close to getting it! But I know when it's my time to finally take the plunge (combined anniversary and 40th b-day present) it will be one of those two watches and then the following year I'll go for the next one!
  10. Thanks Benchwarmer, next on my list is the Cartier Ballon Bleu in Rose gold, debating if I want to get the 33mm or the 36mm. DH promised to get it for me next year for our anniversary =) Both of your choices are awesome and I hope you get it soon!
  11. Wow! Beautiful black Chanel and a Rolex?! And a Cartier in rg will be stunning as well. Lucky you;)
  12. I vote for the Cartier /love bracelet combo. You already have a Rolex and it looks completely different from what you have. Both are classic and the Love Bracelet is definitely an investment it keeps going up in price. Good luck on what you choose, they are all beautiful.
  13. wow having a hard decison to get chanel or maybe cartier and rolex, and search up on this forum. Was so sure that i should go for rolex since many ppl vote it for it. And said Chanel was not worth it. And den wen i read until the last page. Now im more confused lol..Well i dont have any watch yet so. wat you ladies suggest??my buggest is around 10k to maybe 15000 maximum. what do you think of AP and Frank muller??
  14. wow what a collection :heart:
    is your J12 33mm ??
  15. if you don't have any Rolex yet, go for it. Timeless, Chic and a life time investment ;)