The Tiffany Elsa Peretti Bean Thread

  1. Thanks! The modeling pictures you had posted of your beans are what made me initially decide to take the plunge and buy one! :smile:
  2. I don't have the bean necklace/pendant, but I have the silver string of beans (string beans lol) bracelet. I bought it as a fun gift the first time I went to NYC with my DD for a very special occasion while buying her a gift. Now where did I leave that....

    She likes to give me a hard time about having beans on a bracelet, but I think the beans are really cute and fun!
  3. Love the bean pendant!! On my wish list:smile:
  4. I was hoping someone can help me authenticate my Tiffany Peretti bean earrings! They're 18k yellow gold and have "750 (c) T & Co Peretti" stamped on the round edge of the bean (the side that curves out not the side that's concave)

    The post has "T & Co" stamped on the top and "750" stamped on the bottom. The beans feel pretty heavy for their size but I'm weirded out the back part of the warring is hollow; is this typical for these earrings?

    Anyone have 18k bean earrings who can lend their opinion? Thank you!
    image-2038526440.jpg image-4024362683.jpg image-1737810854.jpg image-2718119577.jpg
  5. I was browsing Tiffany's website today and saw the plat diamond bean, and remembered that you had asked about it being discontinued. Thought I'd let you know it's back on the website. It's really gorgeous!
  6. Pretty mini. :smile: It's around 6mm I believe? Don't have a ruler to measure. I have the rose gold mini and it's cute/tiny and perfect for daily wear.
  7. Hm. They look real to me! Where did you get these?
  8. I got them from Bluefly! They actually have quite a bit of Tiffany's on Bluefly and it seems they're all curated by an estate jewelry firm? Anyways I got another confirm on the earrings, which is a huge relief! If they were fake, I'd have been robbed but real, they're a steal especially with its size and weight. I think with the gold alone it's a great bargain, not counting the Tiffany bean which I love!
  9. Whicht size is the dbty?
  10. Thanks for the heads up! :smile:

    Sorry it took so long to respond, I've been MIA with school, work, and everything else!

    On another note, that is rather expensive for the mini bean with only .16ctw even if it is in platinum. I guess I'll have to see it in person to decide if I really want to save up for it at that price or not.
  11. Mini should be 9mm, I thought... I could be wrong though.
  12. No, you're right. It is 9mm.
  13. Just kidding, only .24ctw, I'm losing my mind these days I swear.

    If anyone goes in to try this beauty on you should post pictures for me:smile: