The LV BBag : Do u like it Horizontal or Vertical?

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Which is your fave Batignolles?

  1. Batignolles

  2. Batignolles Vertical

  3. Batignolles Horizontal

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I just bought the BH through elux. I broke down and could resist no longer. I'm glad to be a part of the family.
  2. Bella1, the horizontal batig looks great on you.
  3. Yay!!! Congrats!! Please post pics once you get it! I resisted for like a week but couldn't get it off my mind until I broke down and ordered it via Elux as well!

    WCLC -Thank you! It's a perfect size. I need to hold notebooks sometimes or a folder, Piano is too small for it, but the Mezzo is too big, so I found myself wearing it every single day for a week while the Cabas have been sitting in the closet so far.
  4. I have the Piano and looked at the vertical and Horizontal. I think the look is similiar between Piano and Vertical..but the vertical would hold more. The Horizontal holds LOADS more. The piano really doesnt hold that much in my opinion, but then again I carry alot. I ended up with the Horizontal and my Piano just sits now :sad:
    If you can go to the store and try your stuff in the bag.
    Good luck

  5. You look great in that bag. Your body looks like Angelina Jolie (I hope that you take that as a compliment). Its beautiful on you!

  6. You really need to try it it person to see what looks good on you. As a picture, V looks sharper. In person, V was disappointing. What's most important is H looks better than V on me. I am loving my BH. I feel absolutely secure even without the top zipper.
  7. I like the look of the Vertical better.
  8. Not really into that bag but if i had to make a choice it would be the Batignolles Vertical

  9. Horizontal! But then again, I'm biased hehe.
  10. I love my BH too!

    I tried on all 3 at the store. The Batignolles is cute, but handheld, the Vertical is beautiful but narrow so I would imagine all your stuff disappearing into the maw. The Horizontal is, as Goldilocks would say- just right. :smile: