The Cupid Bag

  1. Sorry that should have said 'looks' like it! I recently got an iphone and I am not used to typing on a virtual keyboard :shame:

  2. Is it possible that red may be a dark red that looks like burgundy?
  3. I need to make a correction, when I inquired about the 'burgundy' bag I was told it's offical name was raspberry. Completely forgot about that! So if you end up looking for it down the road that's what you want to look for.

    53baglady, it's possible, the pic that vlad posted did have more purple to it.

  4. Well that settles it after I saw this pic. I will wait until Fall to either see the Purplish Red or Raspberry. This color just makes the bag more beautiful than Navy could. If anyone else gets pics of this Red/Raspberry color or any pics of the Cupid please post them.
  5. ^ I think I will do the same as Lexie. I agree that Fall 2011 Cupid looks seriously gorgeous in that color. :love:

    I will try to keep an eye out for more Cupid pics, once I do I'll post them asap! :yes:
  6. I just pre-ordered the grey cupid from LB with the fb20 coupon. I can't wait I am really excited about this bag.

  7. PG posted this pic in the Aster Alice this considered grey?


  8. ^^I think I saw this listed on another site with the color name listed as Anthracite.
  9. Anthracite Puzzle I think the name was.

  10. Anyone see a preorder link for the anthracite puzzle??
  11. I changed gears. I talked to LB and they said that the Cupid only comes out in one Burgandy type color in the Fall and that would be called Raspberry. The others colors could be Plain Red and Blood Red in the Spring. I asked if the Raspberry was similar to the Burgandy from a couple years ago. Caitlyn said that was a warm Burgandy and the Raspberry is more of a Cool Burgandy. It is textured and semi glazed.
    BUT....she said all of these colors may or may not come to fruition. The colors on the pre-orders are done deals but Fall colors may change. SO....hearing that the pre-orders are selling out fast and they have had to ask for more and may or may not get them, I went ahead and pre-ordered a Navy and will get a Raspberry if and when it happens.

    It still makes me a little hesitant. We all remember Peacock and what it looked like and then what it really looked like or all the other ambiguous color names. I know I am safe with Navy and then when I see the Cupid in other colors I will decide.
  12. Did they mention what color hardware those spring colors will have? :p
  13. 53baglady, you should email Caitlin or Sarah about it. I tried fiddling around with the item numbers but i'm not coming out with anything. They're off on weekends though but they'll look into getting info for you on Monday.

    their email addresses:

    Caitlin: - she has this email addy plugged into her iPhone, so she can respond back anytime. =D

    Sarah: or - I probably wouldn't expect a response from her till Monday, I think.

    Lexie thanks so much on the info on the Raspberry/Burgundy. I hope RM will put that color into production!! I'm still over the fence on the current colors but would love this style in a Wine reddish color. I'm probably going to wait still since I already have too many bags in preorder anyway. Hopefully it'll come true. I hate it when RM puts these gorgeous colors up but decides to change her mind later. Sigh.
  14. ^^ Thanks Princess. I did ask Barb at MOB and she told me that in her opinion the anthracite was very metalllicy and looked better in the BF clutch so she isn't getting it in the Cupid. I was a little concerned about that so I think I'll pass on the anthracite. I did preorder the Cupid in chocolate; I think that color will be best for me.

  15. Lexie, I'm going the same as you, I've got it in pre-order in chocolate but if I'm happy with the bag style I will definitely get it in the raspberry as well in the fall! In fact if it comes on a mac, and it appears to be in the group shot of the mini macs AA posted, then I'll have it on one of those too. :yahoo: