Speedy dilemma

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  1. I'm glad to see that you are returning it for a different Speedy. I agree with everyone else that if your initial gut feeling is that you hate it, you should definitely bring it back. I have a Speedy 25 and I love it because I'm short (hehe) and proportionally, I like how it looks. Plus, I don't carry a lot, so it's the right size.
  2. I have the 30 and I love the size not too big not to small, holds everything perfectly :love:

  3. When I saw the 25 i thought it was small but its perfect size for me im 5'8 & 130. The 30 was a tad bit overpowering
  4. I got my 30, and I love it! It was definitely the right choice, sending the 25 back and getting the 30.
  5. I was thinking about getting a Monogram Speedy as well...but didn't know what size either! I have other handbags that are all shoulder-bags....so I wanted to try out a hand-held one....I'm 5'7" but usually always wear heels...most ppl think i'm 5'9"...I am around 130 lbs...what size should I get? Thanks!
  6. Can you take pics of you holding the 30? I like the 25 but all of my friends have a 25, plus I'm a big girl, so I need a bigger bag or else it looks silly!
  7. Well, I'm still in a Speedy dilemma! I got the 30 and took it out of the box and originally liked it. Then I put all my stuff in it and the sag was bad. I sat it on my desk for a couple of days just to keeping looking at it to try to decide what to do, and I decided it was too big! Now I'm Speedy-less again, and I may eventually go for the 25 again.
  8. I'm 5' 6.5" and the speedy 30's the right size for me. When I tried on the Speedy 25, it looked too small on me.
  9. Tammy,

    If there is a store near you go and try the 25 with your items in it. At least that way you don't have to wonder about which one you should get. I like the sag but never liked a hugh drop so I purchased a 25. What ever size you pick will look good on you since size is a personal thing. Let us know what you decide.
  10. The purseket should help with the sagging. I don't have a Speedy, but it helped a LOT with my Scout which is completely unstructured. I got the medium, and I think that is the size some other people have purchased for their Speedys. I have been looking at the 30, either in the monogram or the multicolore, but the size with the handles looks disproportionate. Could someone post pics of theirs (the 30) so I can see something other than a stock photo? Please. Thanks!
  11. GET A 30. I'm extremely small ..haha...5'2, but i figured what the hell, i lug my enitire house with me anyway and i don't want to be carrying two bags.

    and about the sagging, i suggest a very stiff cardboard (framing mattboard) cut to the size of the speedy's base covered with brown macrosuede.

    if you don't want to go through all that trouble, you can easily cut the covers of a plastic binder(they're very hard) to the shape of the base. use two boards so it'll be hard enough. don't forget to cut the sides in a semi-circle so it wont damage the sides of the bag
  12. Try the large. I believe there's a little overlap, but with the medium, there's a gap.