SO Happy I have UNLIMITED Calling...

Jun 15, 2009
Congrats on your new Grommet Carlyle!!!!
She is very pretty!!!!
(It looks like my outlet is safe for now since you got your lovely in Georgia!!! LOL )
Enjoy!!!! Love the Grommets....

Lynne :biggrin:

Thanks - NOPE - ya outlet is never safe IF they have good deletes and if I have a phone that works ;)
Jun 15, 2009
I looooooove this bag!!!!
Wow, nice!!! Always schooling us w/ your mad skills! Congrats!
Congrats! It's gorgeous. You should write a book on your Coach-hunting skills :smile:
It is very each - call ya store and ask to serach then call the other store and hold then go and do the charge send - the end !!!! ;) - GF I do this DAILY!!!!!!!! I am hunting for me or friends every single day!!!!!!

You are so tenacious! I admire that quality. Enjoy!
Congrats! Very pretty!

Thanks Ladies!!!!!


Apr 29, 2009
Congrats on your beautiful score!!!
Such a gorgeous color.

Our outlet queen hard at work :chatty::queen: