Show your Tiffany & Co. Collection; *PICS*

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  1. Updated whole collection shot! I’ve given away/upgraded/added quite a few new things to my collection since 2018 :smile:

    My current collection:
    -sterling silver atlas open bangle
    -yellow gold mini smile necklace
    -sterling silver hardwear ball ring
    -sterling silver micro hardwear link bracelet
    -sterling silver bean necklace
    -sterling silver atlas ring
    -sterling silver Frank Gehry ring
    -yellow gold dbty
    -sterling silver bead bracelet (turquoise heart)
    -rose gold hardwear ball ring

    I got rid of:
    -sterling silver bead bracelet (pink heart)
    -an old Elsa Peretti lariat necklace
    -sterling silver dbty necklace
    -sterling silver mini smile necklace

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  3. Loveee
  4. Thanks sweety! I am very happy with it too! Thanks for appreciating! ☺️
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  5. Hi everyone
    How are things in the Tiffany Store lately? Since it was purchased by LVMH. Are things better there?
  6. Great collection! What size is your DBTY?
  7. I got the smallest size!! I think it’s 0.05 :smile:
  8. Thank you !
  9. What do you mean by better?
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  10. in the last week, I've added two pairs of earrings to my collection. I blame all of you. :biggrin:
    I absolutely adore these. I eyed them for a couple of years and convinced myself they were special occasion earrings. On the contrary, they look awesome with jeans or a tailored suit; a little touch of femininity.

    Because I love the swing so much, I succumbed to these days later. I almost bought the single pearl version because I love the HardWare ball earrings so much but in the end thought I'd at least try these ones on.
    They arrive Wednesday. :love:
  11. Well the Pearls by the Yard earrings arrived - I hate them. :sick:

    They look like a Mother’s Day special at People’s for $69.99. They are nothing like the HardWare Hook Ball earrings I adore. They’re going back - I’ll choose something else that I like in person.
  12. Yes are things getting better at Tiffany's? Thank you
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  13. Hated the earrings but ended up ordering a DBTY necklace instead. Why do I always trade up? :lol:
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  14. What size and color?btw great choice,love the DBTY!
  15. RG with a .17 diamond. I really like the heavier bezel. I’m going to wear it layered with my 16mm Open Heart pendant.
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