Should your age determine your handbag style?

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  1. I believe so too, think Iris Apfel!

    Last week I saw a woman who was probably in her mid-40s, rocking a pink flouro bag (the style resembled an Alma), and her top with flouro
    prints. I wouldn't carry the bag myself, but I admired the fact that she wore something she loved and looked proud of it.
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    These are some of the wisest words I've EVER read!

    May I humbly add my own thought? Your aura is your best accessory - if you keep it in good shape!
  3. Excellent point PT - the only limit in age appropriateness is things like kitty cat bags and that sort of thing, though who knows. The right outfit can make anything work. :smile:
  4. I loving some of these posts. I appreciate the quotes and wisdom.
    Yes, I too hit a milestone birthday. The big 5-0!
    I still feel young at heart, I can pass for my early forties in the right lighting (smile), but have been told by other women certain bag styles are for the younger gals.
    My mom is an artist (free spirit) and yet she still subscribes to the notion I should have one of those little old lady bags.
    A SA at a local department store was very funny around the time of my birthday. I was looking at a marigold yellow/orange bag and she said, "Oh no, that's too bright for you." She handed me a walnut colored conservative bag. I happened to have on all charcoal grey that day and I put on the yellowish crossbody bag. The color popped, her eyes brightened and she said that it was the last style and color she would have ever tried on a gal my age, but she was impressed it looked good.
    As some of you have said, it's attitude, energy, confidence, the wisdom to know what works and just the right color and style.

  5. Age is just a number. There are so many women who can rock so many
    different style bags at any age including silver foxes.

    Attitude, how you present yourself & your smile is what is timeless
    & ageless..
  6. thank you kat. =) you summed up my post with great grace!
  7. Great style is eternal, the most important thing is to pick your aesthetic and wear it with conviction! How comfortable you are in your skin, and clothes…and accessories…will determine how others perceive you, confidence goes a long way. I have heard a quote before that I liked, it goes something along the lines of, "A cool girl with any bag makes the bag cool", something like that. Basically, age be damed! Wear whichever bag fits "you".
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    I completely agree. I used to think a Kelly was an older-lady bag, and I now think it is the best bag. However, sometimes I want to make my vintages especially a little funkier, so I am on the hunt for a strap that'll match all my Kellys and won't be too expensive! The fact that I want to add a lit spunk to my vintage-box Kellys has nothing to do with age, but my personal taste, as I am not young, but like some individuality and fun to how I dress, and I have been like that since I can remember :smile:

    I think, like others have said on this thread, if you are comfortable with yourself and what you are wearing, that shows.