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  1. I just cancelled my preorder to a regular black/ballerina lady bag from No 6 Store in New York (expected shipment in September). If you preorder, they do expect a full payment to hold the bag.
  2. Large black / silver tote on Forward, ships now!

  3. It's showing up as 1 in stock on their app
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  6. Um I don't understand this but there are 5 regular buckets available on Groupon Hong Kong! Cammello/Sun and Black with Argento/Oro/Royal/Flamma. They're $6600 which is a little over US$800.
  7. 4 regular bucket bags in black/royal
    3 regular bucket bags in black/flamma
    Bergdorf's, online, in stock
  8. Black/flamma LADY bag and calf Moss BUCKET on NAP now!
  9. Just got an email from Kirna Zabete-preorders for buckets, mini buckets, crossbody and totes...!!!
  10. Large tote on looks like it's Rosa but in terms of colour the details say 'sand smooth leather interior'