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Apr 11, 2015
Hey bag lovers,

I told you that I want to sell my twinset first to get a new LV but I went yesterday with my mum shopping!

I have to say that she does not have any luxury good and she never understands my love to Bags specially LV bags.

But yesterday she came to visit me and we went for shopping!!! AND we went to our LV store! Suddenly, she said that I can pick up a bag and she will give it to me as a gift!!!! I mean we love each other but our bag-relationship was not that good!

I said: mam, really!!!!!
She said: of course!!!!Although I never understand your love to bags. You can still sell your unused bags!!! But I wanna to make a surprise to my little girl!!! But don't hope that you will get a second LV from me [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]

So here she is: my new LV. I think I don't need to mention the name of the bag!!! It is just sooo Classic!!!

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I still don't like the orange box [emoji12][emoji12][emoji12][emoji12]

PS: I could not decide the speedy from the world tour collection and the speedy in DE because the world tour speedy is so beautiful but since I need something for winter/bad weather days I bought the DE!!!
So sweet of your mom!! Maybe your "bag relationship" will get better and better. :amuse: Congratulations, enjoy your Speedy!
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Apr 19, 2010