Rude SA's in Beverly Hills


May 4, 2014
I was in this store last weekend. I was dressed pretty well that day (Hermes coat + exotic leather bag) and the SA was so impatient and had such an attitude that I just couldn’t figure out why. It didn’t even happen after my friend asked for a popular bag, it started from the moment we walked in.
He even flipped his eyes on us…


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Mar 24, 2023
I have somewhat mixed experience from Beverly Hills store. Earlier this year on my Birthday, I stopped by the store with a friend to check out Boheme Bag and the SA who took us in was not so nice (i.e. standing with smartphone and texting, etc.) and we ended up seeing things on our own like looking at the displayed bags, etc. I didn’t dress super nice, but just typical weekend outfit with jeans and shirts. Couple weeks ago, I stopped by at the boutique again and I met super nice SA who let me tried all different colors of the different bags I wanted to try on. The store was kinda busy with people buying and trying out, but SA didn’t rush me or anything. I guess it’s unfortunate to see different level of customer service :sad: among SAs.
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