Roseark Sideways Cross Necklace

  1. i love the second from left- looks like rose gold
  2. Yes the cross is set to the side. See pics of Taylor wearing the gold one. I'm trying to find a promo code because the 20% off expired on 4/13.
    taylors cross.jpg taylors cross 2.jpg
  3. I was watching L.A. Ink last week and in some of the scenes Kat Von D was wearing the silver Roseark cross. It looked really nice on her.
  4. ^ It would be nice to see them side by side. The Roseark one is very delicate, which I love.
  5. If anyone fonds any new codes please post here. I'm dying to buy this necklace but do not want to pay full price.

  6. I just called yesterday and ordered the turquoise cross. I told them that I love Taylor and they gave me 15% off of my cross!! They told me that they just love her too and that all I had to do was mention Taylor's name and I would get the discount! I ended up ordering a couple of Kathy's eagle bracelet's as well (she gave me 20% off for ordering 3 items!). They were so generous and great to deal with! I am so excited to get my new pieces! I would call and see if they would give you the deal as well...try mentioning Taylor and I bet they would give you guys the discount as well! Good Luck. let me know how it goes!
  7. How much did the eagle bracelets cost?
  8. im interested in to know how much the eagle bracelet cost as well :smile: can you post pictures of your purchases when you get them too? :p
  9. Yes, please post pics of your necklace and bracelet. Would love to get one of the snake bracelets!
  10. Oooh I love this piece, I'd like to get in on the action if anyone spots one of those 20% off codes ! :yes:
  11. I like the turquoise or the clear/rose gold
  12. I can't wait to get this necklace. I just need a coupon.....
  13. ^^Mention Taylor and get the 15% off...:happydance: