Removing/Covering Metal Nameplate?


May 10, 2010
That's funny! I appreciate the laugh.
My husband can be quite picky. We were out in public and he starts to complain about his jacket. He was complaining that the problem with his jacket was that it was a "girls jacket".
He was wearing a new Perfect Moment down puffer jacket, a bit pricey French brand, gifted by me for his birthday and approved before I ordered it. How can a jacket purchased in the men's section, with a center full zip, be deemed a "girls jacket"?
Cutting things off the heels is hilarious.
You can prove to him that it is a men's jacket. I recently bought a jacket from the boy's department for me and it is annoying me that it closes opposite the way it does on women's clothes. On my women's jackets, when they are unzipped, the part with the zipper pull is on the left, on the boy's it is on the right.