Quilted flats

  1. I'm sorry for the delay, I have been so busy with work. Hope these pictures help.
    image-2773400722.jpg image-1005255248.jpg image-393726531.jpg image-3029503351.jpg
  2. Thank you!They're gorgeous. I'm torn between the black and the beige one now. Is it just me orh the beige color seems lighter on picture?
  3. Actually the beige in the picture is the same as in person. I recommend the black one, that would be my first choice. I went with the beige so it would match my new Chanel but also because the 4 Tory burch I have is all black.
  4. :heart: these!!
  5. I'm on the cusp of buying these during SFA F&F sale in black/gold. The 'Irish Moss' color looks beautiful, but reviews claim it's more green than taupe or beige.

    How does the sizing run on the Kaitlins? TTS? I have never tried Revas, but typically wear a 7/7.5.