Quick reveal for special one!!

  1. So pretty! Congrats on such a beauty!!! Can't wait to see mod shots :smile:
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  2. Congrats! Gorgeous combo!
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  3. Amazing combo! Congrats!
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  4. gorgeous, congrats!
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  5. Beautiful verso! Congratulations!!
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  6. Is your gold also verso version? I would love to get gold B with Red lining:heart:
  7. Yes, it is. Thank you. It's fabulous to have a verso! Enjoy yours!!
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  8. Okay....Im soooo in love with this crisp looking B!!!! Played with few TwillyS, but I personally like without twilly.
    I have a pm rodeo & apple charm. Which one do you like better?

    I think this apple charm is just a perfect match as she has Red lining:heart:

    Thank you for letting me share!!
    IMG_9780.JPG IMG_9781.JPG
  9. What a fabulous bag! The color combination is mouth watering. Major congratulations!
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  10. I think the apple charm matches perfectly as it is red
    Is it a coin purse as well?
    Simply adorable
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  11. Amazing SO, congrats to your bag
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  12. Just Beautiful! Congrats!
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  13. Yeah it is so mouthwatering !! Thank you :P

    Yes it is a coinpurse, which i never used for coin purse yet :graucho:
  14. Thank you, its normal stamp not SO...its call verso version i think :love:
  15. Agree with the apple charm! I love the pop of color inside!
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