Questions about brand jfa


Aug 7, 2010
At least DHL is fast though. I bought something from brand jfa earlier this year and I got my item within 48 hours after shipping. I know someone else who bought from another Japanese seller who shipped via EMS despite the COVID delays, and the package sat in export customs in Japan for over 3 weeks before it moved.
Yikes! Pre-covid, EMS was pretty fast (got my items usually within a week), too bad that’s not the case now.


Jan 17, 2018
Hi girls, I have a couple of questions about brand jfa and am hoping someone would help me out with.
It says that custom is not included. Has anyone had experience with paying for custom? How much did you have to pay? I’m located in Ontario, Canada - but any feedback is appreciated. I wonder what it reports on the custom slip as well.
Thank you!!!
I recently bought a LV belt for $372 cnd and it was delivered within a couple of days via DHL. DHL sends a notification of the customs fees before they deliver. In this case I was charged $42.