Question for the Leather Experts

Jun 15, 2009
I know, my store has it!! :biggrin: I can't wait to go see it irl. I'm sure it'll be coming home tonight or tomorrow...
Coach just confuses me at times, when these totes were out, I never seen this color/combo...It was available to order back then, but I rarely do that. I'd rather pick my bags

If we try to figure coach out we would all be NUTS just like Coach lolol


Sep 21, 2012
Thank you! The midnight oak is gorgeous. I didn't see that color in my store. I do love the feel and look of the leather, and let's not forget the amazing smell. The Madison leather is gorgeous!!
I think I will also order a purse to go for days when I want a bit more structure.

Again, thank you for your thoughts :smile:
You're welcome !:smile: I hope you post a picture if you buy it.
Like you, I prefer to see leather in person instead of ordering by mail.