Please identify this CHANEL

Hi all, can anyone identify what collection this lambskin green mini flap with silver hardware is from? The serial number is 23XX but none of my searching is turning up any other bag quite so dark green. I was hoping to figure out what collection it is to see some pictures of it in other lighting before making a decision.

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Hi guys, hoping someone could shed more light on this bag for me. It's on a second hand retailer's website and I keep coming back to look at it but cannot make up my mind because there aren't that many pictures of it, and I don't know how to Google for more.

All I know that it's from 2011 (according to retailer), in calfskin.


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What si the model of this bag? Whats the value?


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Any information about these bag?
Heya everyone, I have these Chanel bags and I'd love to know if any of them have been featured in campaigns/on runway/on a celebrity?
I know they're older pieces so I'm just intrigued to see how they were styled back when they were first released. Any help is really appreciated! Thank you


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