Pink vs White Ostrich Georgie


Dec 28, 2013
Beaverton, Oregon
I'm having the same problem. I think I really want a different color than any of those offered. I don't need another pink bag, I'm not sure I would use orange very much, and I'm afraid of white. I wish there was a blue, green or purple. I'm afraid they won't come out with any other colors though because they might get rid of all the current styles before the Fall line is released.
There's a reveal thread with this bag in Blue Lacquer! It's very pretty.


Nov 2, 2011
Hi Alexa. Now that you've had it for about a month, how is the white holding up?

I've been to Belk twice this week stalking that same bag and placed it on hold today. I normally don't buy white bags, but the pink trim on it is really appealing to me. It stands out from other white bags.
I really like it. The white works because of the pink contrast. It makes it unique and can seem casual or dressy.