Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action

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  1. I had to change to this vintage belt after realising my new Dauphine reversible belt is too loose to be worn with dress , it was okay with jeans pants 2D1D2DED-BDF6-41AA-AEC2-4579CA56C8D3.jpeg
  2. You looked really great and sporty with that speedy. That Love keyring and the attached chain are very pretty too. May I ask where you got them from cos I’m really interested too? Thanks
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  3. Vanity PM was getting ready to go out this morning
  4. I love my new mwt alma bb with black leather:smile: best purchase ever 20200516_121621.jpg
  5. Truly an in action shot! :heart:
  6. I love too !!! You’re very slim for a pregnant !!!!
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  7. You look so cute and of course love your bag!
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  8. I haven't really been going anywhere for exciting in action photos but I found this old photo from a few years ago on my iPad. Don't have this bag anymore , kinda miss it but it just wasn't me but it was so pretty.

  9. A little fun with the twist IMG_5467.JPG Adjustments.JPG
  10. Thank you Minda!!
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  11. Thank you I wear it all the time since I got it
  12. The 2 coin card holders are just pretending to go to the library. :biggrin:

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  13. The cobalt and Jaune look so good together :smile:. I pretty much like all 5 colors even black.