Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action

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  1. Speedy LVxLOL first time going out to work, and today is the first day of ‘Movement Control Order’ implementation in my country, in order to control spread of Covid19.
  2. A317FEB1-30A7-4594-8BA9-4FECD35E8276.jpeg This cutie really fits a lot , it’s not even half full after I put in everything that I normally bring to work
  3. Stay safe everyone!!❤️
  4. A visit with my daughter, told me to take a photo as she thought it looked so pretty on her kitchen counter

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  5. It really looks very pretty! The rich luxurious empreinte!
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  6. My neighbour in Malaysia, stay healthy and take care! Greetings from across the causway... which has never been so deserted. I really hope COVID-19 will end soon and the world can travel freely again:heart:
  7. #21922 Mar 18, 2020
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    35FE8CD0-CC3A-4E32-A211-A738FAC581A5.jpeg ED8CFC50-0DE6-4E24-8459-492309B742DC.jpeg CC9F1A07-8AD3-478E-9783-BF85D8FFC3E0.jpeg Have had her forever and hardly take her out so today’s the day :smile:
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  8. Me and my montaigne bb sunbathing at my balcony while I'm working from home with my company notebook due to company restrictions (everyone who has a notebook has to work from home) to help preventing getting corona ...austria reacted quickly so I hope these restrictions will help ... I hope everyone is healthy and stay healthy.... 20200318_151105.jpg
  9. obsesssed w everything about this bag!! congrats on this stunner
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  10. Gorgeous bag! You're daughter's absolutely right :biggrin:
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  12. Cute mini pochette ! And the landscape is beautiful !!! Where is it ?
  13. Stay safe in Austria. The France reacted too late I think. I’m very anxious
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  14. Thanks so much for the sweet comment! Maybe it’s the last day of normalcy so trying to make the most of it :flowers:
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  15. Very pretty color choices! Enjoy your beautiful NF!
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