Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action

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  1. This is last night's photo actually :P
    20092019 Mini Luggage mod-1.jpg
  2. Mine actually didnt even close. U can see it fall it earlier this summer and returned it...havent seen one since online. When I returned it the CA asked if I waa sure bc most of the customers just keep it and deal with it. :shocked:
  3. On vacation this week with my trusty Reverse PM and stopped in Cartier today to pick up the small Juste un Clou bracelet! I couldn’t resist the photo opp. :biggrin:

    8CA1FD0E-FA9A-4615-B2AF-D3A48A665A34.jpeg 40BCB96F-4C40-4BAE-BC66-B9D4245D4BC7.jpeg
  4. Fab bracelet and ring, and miss PM had quite the backdrop for a photo!
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  5. On point as always and such a cute idea!
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  6. Thank you! :heart:
  7. Thank you so much! I think she enjoyed it. :P
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  8. I would think - what’s not to like!!:heart:
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  9. After quite the journey I got my replacement City Steamer with the python luggage tag. So happy to finally get my hands on the complete bag :yahoo::loveeyes:

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  10. Absolutely gorgeous (and complete!) bag!! You’ve been waiting way too long - love it:heart:
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  11. Thank you! LV (and my wonderful SA) was awesome throughout the whole replacement process.
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  12. That’s awesome that they got you a new bag instead of just sending you a luggage tag.
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  13. Agreed. I thought that they’d just send a tag too. My SA said that wasn’t a possibility.
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  14. Still cruisin with the Croisette on the high seas...

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  15. Love the Vans too! :P
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