Perforated bandeau for your handbag!!

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  1. Wow amazing!!! How would you say they run? Narrow? I have kinda flat fat feet and I'm always afraid to try on shoes at the LV store...I'm afraid they're going to laugh at me =(.
  2. Well, I'd say they are pretty narrow :/. I wouldn't say they're super narrow but they are definitely on the narrow side. I can post a picture of the inside if you'd like? As for walking in them, they're surprisingly comfortable for the heel width. I wasn't sure if they'd be comfortable enough for me to be in for a few hours, but I wore them out a couple nights ago to a party and they felt like normal heels to me. My feet were starting to hurt a little by the end, but nothing worse than if I were wearing some of my regular (same height, wider heel) pumps. Anyway, I hope this helps guys :smile:
  3. If you could post a picture, that would be great! I guess its time to suck it up and try to cram my feet into them at the store, lol. I saw the new denim snekers and they looked decently wide, and sometimes the sandals do...we'll see. Thanks so much!
  4. OHH i really like the Perforated Beandeau

    I'm going to pop by my local LV store to take a look. Approxiamtely how big is it?
  5. Love the scarf! Off to buy!!!!
  6. Didn't see the shoes...Cute!!
  7. i just bought the multicolour bandeau in the white and black last weekend. now i want these too!
    they are so versatile!

    i'm not sure if they've already arrived in Australia though ..
  8. ITS HERE!@!!!!!
    I have the orange perf bandeau tied on my batignolles horiz...its too cute!You wouldnt believe how it "pops" a little zing on my handbag!!!OMG! LOVE!!! Will post pic in a min! one is looking good....maybe get another one??!! can be worn as a belt too.......yeah!
  9. Congratulations! The Orange Is Super Beautiful (Though I Do LOVE All 3!)....I'm Thinking Of The Pink As Well.
  10. Oh let us see! =)
  11. They have arrived in Aus and are $150 ... I wonder if there will be a charms one??