OMG I bought my Tiffany's yellow diamond pendant today!!!

  1. Haha... I clicked on it thinking Oooh who else bought one! LOL! :smile:
  2. Well in that case one more bites the dust. :smile:

    We just placed the order for
    - DBY 1 tcw Earrings in YG (VVS1, H)
    - DBY 0.25 ct Necklace at 14inch YG (for layering and matching with earrings)
    - DBY 1.18 ct Yellow Diamond Pear in Yellow Gold settings and necklace

    Will post pictures in few days!
  3. OMG!! that sounds like the most beautiful set ever! So the pear shaped necklace is like mine? That's a gorgeous size... I cannot wait to see the pictures!!
  4. Oh It's simply gorgeous hun! Congrats! :woohoo:
  5. Thank you!! It's true love... :p
  6. We actually took a picture of yours to Tiffany; telling them we want that one :smile:
    To match the bezet look from pendant to earring we were going to do a custom order of the pear pendant as shown in the picture (second from bottom right corner) where the pendant has pear yellow diamond hanging from a white round diamond.

    But then the whole custom order process was painful so just going with layering approach. Layering a DBY necklace in white round diamond at 14 inch followed by Yellow pear pendant at 16 inch.
    Let's see how it looks.

    The benefit of not doing custom order is that we can change mind if it it doesn't look good.
  7. LOL... wow I'm flattered! Oooh just looked up that bottom corner one, so pretty! But I think layering the two will look gorgeous too and totally agree - I was going to do the custom thing and put a row of diamonds around the pear but in the end Tiffany's style won my heart! I can't wait to see how it looks!!!
  8. I had to bump this for another look :graucho: are you enjoying your beautiful pendant!?
  9. Had to take a peek at this thread again. Jen, this is my DREAM NECKLACE. I only hope that one day, I will have one as gorgeous as yours!!
  10. Oh wow!! This is so beautiful yet able to be worn every day! This is why I agree with the cost analysis done by another TPFr. Now I need to add this to my jewelry want list-oh no!! LOL-congrats to you!!
  11. Cost analysis?
  12. It's from Accounting and some finance classes....this basically justifies her purchase since she will wear the piece of jewelry everyday, thus, "getting her money's worth" ha ha!! Probably like your MOP VCA 5 motif-right?!?! A few posts up someone broke it down from what they do at work. I will keep this in mind as I am saving up for upcoming Malachite:graucho:
  13. Oh wow!! Can hardly wait to see these pieces together. SGJ is an enabler for sure!!!
  14. Oh no I meant where was this post because I would love to see this to make myself feel better on all the money I spent! I just made the biggest purchase besides school and i've already said that this year 3 times... I need to stop!
  15. who... me?? :p