New Cartier Trinity line collab

I tried the earring last time but I'd be too worried about losing it, so I'd be wearing as a ring anyway. So I went for the purpose built ring, because there's so many ways of wearing and so secure and comfortable.
Thank you, that makes sense! I think I would have fun trying it on as an earring, but I probably wouldn't wear it that way (I get headaches even from the weight of sunglasses).
I don't normally post fine jewellery on TPF, but I wanted to show you (and others) this piece. It's the smaller ring. It proved even more versatile than the larger. Happily, the price increase didn't apply to these, but I know if they're not sold they'll get melted down (yes, that's how Cartier maintain % reclaimed, recycled precious metals).

Next year Trinity is 100, I'm ready, for the centenary!

My new plaything. I am so happy with this piece, over the moon is too low, all the way to Mars and back.

It's totally comfortable. It fits me four ways, either 2, or 3 fingers. I have another 4 Trinity rings in different combinations so can change the look even more by wearing any in conjunction.

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I love this! It looks amazing :drinks: :drinks: :drinks:
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I haven't decided and will see. My Paris RdLP SA will ship to me if I do as I don't have a Cartier SA in London. I will happily share if I get a piece. The earring is too complicated for me. :smile:

I'm so pleased you liked them, hope we can be twins soon :ghi5: .

I didn't think the earring worked beyond a photo op, it didn't feel secure.
For everyone and anyone thinking about any part of this cllab, I'm deliberately enabling coz these are only available in a handful of stores globally and may not be around for much longer (here with LM on pointer finger). DH doesn't understand it all :biggrin:.

I am loving mine and wearing it almost every day

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DHs don't generally seem to get this ring. Or Chanel Dad sandals, furry Hermes Chypres, or most Hermes prices.
So is the new bracelet hinged and the old one a roll on? I like the idea of a hinged trinity bracelet!
I saw some of this collection this past weekend. I did not try it on, but it looked like it rolled on.

I liked this collection, it's something fun. Trinity was my 1st purchase and I still love it after many, many years. I was really hoping I would like the feel of the earring. It didn't feel right on me. I really only liked the necklace. I may go back over the summer and see if my mind doesn't change. I was there for a purchase for my daughter, so I didn't want to take away from her.
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