Naples and Capri Stores open on Sunday?

  1. You can either walk, take a taxi or the local bus that goes to capri town. The boutique is very pretty and they had a very decent collection of things. I couldnt read much in italian but from what I understand they are open from 10 am to 1pm and 3pm to 7pm on weekdays. I went on wednesday afternoon and i was there till 5 pm, but it seems it was closed for the day, as per the adjacent shop SAs, not sure why.
  2. OMG, I LOVE the Scalinatelle! It is beautiful and the food is wonderful!!! Congratulations:smile:

    I will be on a trip for my 10th Anniversary! We spent part of our hineymoon at the Qvissisana and visited the Scalinatelle a few times!

    Congratulation! All the best:smile:
  3. Capri is not open on Sunday, either? Oh drats!

    Oh well, I am on a cruise and will be able to hit Mykonos, Athens and the Rome airport. Just looking for SLGs, belts and a shale or 2. I guess I will have to come back:smile:
  4. i think the hermes boutique in mykonos was a pop up shop meaning they were open seasonally. i may be wrong though! are you going on a norwegian cruise?
  5. Celebrity ship. I was in Mykonos about the same time in 2010. H was opened and I was about to buy a belt but they lost power and couldn't ring me up!! Hoping they still have it:graucho: or something!

  6. From Naples, the trip to Capri will take you 45 - 80 minutes, depending on which ferry or hydrofoil you take. All options will take you to the Marina Grande in Capri. It is absolute craziness upon arrival and the easiest option is to take the "funiculare" up to the heart of Capri town. From there it is an easy walk to the H boutique. Head toward the Quissisana and then turn left. The H boutique will be on your left. And on the way back to the Marina Grande, be sure to save time for lunch or drinks at the JK Place Hotel. It's absolute heaven!
  7. The Naples store is closed on Sundays. I don't know about Capri. Have fun:smile:
  8. Hi tpfs
    Any interesting update on these two cities?
  9. Any recent shopping experiences to share?
  10. Both Capri and Naples stores are very nice, with very sweet SA's. Naples store is bigger!
  11. Thank u purselover
    Are u from there?
    Or u been there recently?
    My sister n dh are planning a trip there was hoping to get them drop by H store on my behalf
    They know nothing bout H
  12. Was just at both stores end of August. Please ask them not to wear Rolex and jewelry in Naples as a precaution. Otherwise they will enjoy the stores. At least in August it was more of a leisurely shopping experience than many of the stores in France.
  13. Thank u so much
    For highlighting
    Cheers purselover
  14. would anyone know when the capri boutique closes for the season? i was told that they open on March 29 but did not ask when they close for the year.

    i was there about 4 weeks ago and had a pleasant visit. the store itself is very small. one SA and 3 customers inside will get cramped. for its size it did have a nice variety of everything. i think most airport stores are bigger.

    most of the items seen on display is their sole inventory i was told. nothing else for sale that is not shown.

    three narrow clic clacs with phw (red, orange, purple)
    mangue phw cdc
    ultraviolet phw cdc

    oran sandals. no other footwear.

    handful of mens ties, mostly Faconee

    orange clemence jypsiere 34
    etoupe/souffre cabag

    belt kits (32mm idem, cdc), several 42mm constance buckles
    strap colors: etain/argile, rouge cassaque/rouge h (dark red)?, bleu de galice/blanc, brown chamonix/black box

    capri boutique is closed every wednesday but open on sundays.
  15. I lived in Italy for many years and, as a rule, most stores/shops are closed on Sundays and often on Wednesday afternoons as well, especially in smaller locales. There are never any hard and fast rules anywhere in Italy, so it is always best to call before you go. Good luck!