My new Cartier watch. love it!!!!

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  1. I haven't seen that one before - it's very pretty:tup:
  2. Thats a really lovely watch.
  3. I love Cartier watches, that one is great! Luxurious yet playful, isn't it nice to just look at your wrist and get a smile!
  4. coming back to drool more -- I absolutely love the pink knob (is this what is called?)
  5. Gorgeous! First time i've seen this model of Cartier watch! Love It!
  6. I know, I always just call it knob, but believe it or not that was one of the selling points of this watch the pink knob and pink flowers. I absolutely adore it.
  7. Beautiful watch! thanks for sharing!
  8. I have never seen that one either. It is beautiful on you!
  9. what a watch! congrats! hope you love it!