My Going Grey Gracefully Journey.

  1. Thank you for this thread. I'd love to stop coloring but my DH isn't ready. My mom reached a point when the dye just wouldn't take without bleaching first. That was when she gave up and went natural.
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  2. Good for you, Narnanz! Your progress is beautiful. I’m into it by a few months now. Wanted to start earlier last year, but kept the dye going until our son’s wedding in September. My natural color is dark brown, and after 25 years of monthly root jobs, I’m done! My “new” hair is white, so I have quite a bit of contrast going on! Kind of torn between just going cold turkey for awhile, or letting my hairdresser high/lowlight it. I’m going to try to grin and bear it, and enjoy the ride, at least for another month!
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  3. I can think of three women I know casually who are not what I'd call old and have natural grey hair. One has long straight hair that is white but really looks more blonde. She's slender and dresses youthfully; looks good.
    Number two is maybe in her late 50's, Irish and wears her hair medium length - not very short but not long. She happens to have a pretty face and looks good. Not really old for her age.
    Third one is 63 or so. Wears her grey hair short. Not much makeup. Fair skin. I think she looks pretty old for her age.
    To each her own. Its a very individual thing.
  4. I think it is much worse for those of us with dark hair. Way too much contrast. If you get anything done, please post pictures.
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  5. For sure! The demarcation line is really something. I think if I have a little more growth she’ll be able to do more to blend it.
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  6. I feel fortunate as my hair was medium blonde with some natural highlights when I was young. Some grey started in my 30s. I started with highlights in my late 30s. I wore it short until I was about 50. As it grew out, it was clear my temples where white and spreading to at least 75%of the front of my head (thanks Mom!) ! So I still get highlights for the back of my head, which has darkened and some in the front, with some low lights through the white from my temples ( I wear an angled bob). So I look like a blond that is going gray. Which I like, as it suits my age.
    I have been lucky to find great stylists/colorists at a bargain. The current woman I go to is at a chain that I found by pure luck as a walk-in 4 years ago. I will go with highlights / lowlights until I am ready for being mostly white (in 10, 15 years? we’ll see). I only need to do it every 4-5 months.
    I support letting the gray, white come in. Btw, OP, great texture in the layers.
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  7. I remember when my mom decided to stop coloring her hair, my dad didn’t like it. He tried to spin it as she was to youthful looking to do it.
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  8. I intentionally was silver about a year, but with lowlights. Wondering if I could hide the beginning grays with more gray! As someone mentioned, gray/silver dye is not permanent, but all the ‘fun’ colors aren’t.:amuse:
    Silver/gray hair on ‘younger’ people is in now; thanks to ‘Game of Thrones’.
    I hope they, like, make some leaps in silver dye technology soon to cash in on that.
    Cheering for OP!
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  9. I actually found my colorist by looking for someone who specialized in the “fun” colors, mostly young people going from dark to pink, aqua, etc.

    And . . . If your hairdresser insists that the best way to transition is to just cut off your long hair, go short, find another colorist. May have been the best way 30-40 yrs. ago, but you can keep your long hair and go silver now. Technology has progressed, hopefully, permanent greys are coming.

    And . . . Can’t say enough about Olaplex when bleaching hair. Although I had highlights done for years without it and had no problems, when it came time to bleach my whole head (the first colorist) my hair was fried. I didn’t know about it until it was too late. It really can’t repair previous damage, IMO, but will totally prevent further damage.
  10. Olaplex is awesome.