My first pair of Tory Burch! Pics!

  1. Oooo! :smile: Lovely tory sneaks, i always see them and am tempted to buy...even more now. lol
  2. Really? I've never seen them on anyone else! I only see the Reva flats and sandals!
  3. :p I saw them in the store one time and other tory sneakers. :] but i agree, there is an influx of reva flats...
  4. Lovely sneakers! I gotte get them too! Would you say they run true to size? I'm size 9 in Revas so maybe I should size down?
  5. Thanks! Yes they run true to size and I'm glad they offer half sizes because I'm an 8.5!
  6. These are adorable. I may have to get a pair. Love the orange.
  7. The graphic designer in me always has a radar on when it comes to branding labels with a logo.

    I'm not really a big fan of the TB logo in general (my preference is the subtleness of the BCBG Butterfly logo!), but it works really well on this shoe. Great choice!