My bag keeps setting off security alarm when I go in and out of stores

  1. Totally within the realm of possibilities b/c they have adhesive on one side. If the backing paper comes off, voila, it can stick to the bottom of your shoe, or even your clothes, your's kind of a mess!
  2. This totally happened to me too! Something in one of my Coach bags had the adhesive plastic bar sensor. So I noticed I kept setting off alarms everywhere. I thought it was my purse so I searched the pockets. Nothing. I dumped everything out of my purse and checked my wallet in case one of the sensors was stuck in a credit card pocket. Nothing. The next time I went out I switched purses and it still kept happening. It turns out the sensor got stuck to one of my mini skinnies so when I was pulling all my stuff out of my purse again my sister saw it stuck on there. Boo!
  3. That kept happening to me. I finally found the tag inside the zippered pocket of my wallet.
  4. that happens to me to when i get something from ann taylor and forget to CUT it out. sometimes thaey are truly hidden. good thing you found it
  5. Have any of you ever had a Coach bag that sets off store alarms?

    It's hit or miss but happens consistently every time I have my Madison Carryall in gunmetal with me. I have checked every pocket and removed every floating sensor. I took it into a Coach boutique and they ran it through their demagnetizor (yes, I don't know if that's really a word, lol) and the SA said some bags just do this and will "lose their charge" over time. It didn't set off their alarm, fyi.

    I love this bag, but after being chased out of Borders among other things during this crazy Holiday season with their seasonal employees - I'm not too sure if I should be carrying her! Ugh.

    Any advice?
  6. I have a wallet that kept setting off the sensors in Walmart-I think it finally stopped.
  7. time I had one of those floating sensor thingys actually in between the lining of the purse and the leather. There was a hole in the lining and it had snuck in!

    Otherwise, I am thinking one of your matching accessories like a wallet or something has a sensor in it?
  8. If 'demagnetizor' isn't a word, I'm sure it soon will be added to the dictionary due to common usage.

    I had a book once that was 'remaindered' and they hadn't deactivated the sensor before sending it to the 'cheapy' store where they didn't have a machine at the checkout - it set off alarms in several stores while I was carrying it to read on the train to and from work (fortunately small stores where I was in and out and seen the whole time, so they didn't suspect me) until I realized what it was when I found the security thing in the spine and removed it.

    I'd say carry as little as possible into stores and if they challenge you let them peek into your bag - there is legal precedence for false accusation of shoplifting so don't hesitate to give them some attitude back if they are rude to you - I once got a gift card for my trouble when I was falsely accused because of one of those alarms and threatened to never go back to the store.
  9. You know - at Borders when it went off, I waited for someone to come either wave me by or check my bag because there was nothing much in it besides my phone and wallet. No one came and my husband was checking out so I went and waited outside the front doors. A woman about 5 minutes later RAN after me and basically dragged me back in. I only had on a sweatshirt and yoga pants, and my bag. I handed her my bag, kind of shocked and said - feel free to look or walk through the security sensors with it because it's been setting them off all day.

    She made ME walk through 3-4 times but refused to look in my bag, then called a manager who looked mortified and said just to go ahead. It was probably a 15 minute ordeal start to finish and since then I've been totally afraid to use my bag.

    I was an assistant at different high end retail stores in Boston and there's no way I ever would have behaved that way. When I willingly offered my bag to her to examine - I don't know why she just didn't take a look and be on her way. Also, I don't get why if I stole something, I'd just wait outside either, lol.

    UGH! I guess I will give it another shot and see how it goes. I have an overnight trip planned for Monday, but I'll just bring an extra bag in case.

    Thanks for the responses ladies!
  10. Are you sure it's not something inside of your bag that has the sensor? I once had a sensor with a sticky backing get stuck to one of my mini skinnies. It caused the alarms to go off in almost every store I went in. This happened to me on two separate mall trips to two completely different malls. I think the sensor was originally in one of my new purses, but it got stuck to that mini skinny and therefore made it even more difficult for me to find because I'd dump my stuff out out my purse searching for the sensor not realizing the sensor was actually stuck to an item in my purse. So even after switching purses, I endured the same ordeal. When I finally found that little bugger I threw it away immediately. I was so mad.
  11. I've been through this a couple times and both times it was a sensor stuck in a slot in my wallet. Both were ziparound ones with tons of slots that I got at the outlet and when I had put my stuff in, didn't notice. The first time, after I set off Home Depot, Lowes, Target and the grocery store, my husband refused to run errands with me anymore! haha He helped me dump everything out and go through my bag and wallet and we found it. When it happened again, I knew where to look and sure enough, in a wallet slot again. I also had one that was in the cell phone pocket that actually got stuck to my phone but that one never set anything off.
    I know how frustrating it is(and embarrassing!) but don't let it stop you from using your bag. Just got through everything, sticking your fingers in every little space you can and you should find it.
  12. My petrol patent Alex did it for awhile and we went through it piece by piece at the Coach store (they didn't make me do it, I volunteered) I still had the receipt from earlier that day in the bag too. I had just purchased it at a diff. Coach store that same day and when I left there it didn't set the alarm off. Screwy huh ?!!
  13. This happened to me for almost a year! I finally found the security tag/rectangle sensor in one of the pockets of my mini skinny. I thought I was free, but it continued to happen, I then found another one in a not so popular pocket of my medium wallet. I was so mad at Coach for "hiding" their security tags. I no longer have to hold my breath when going into and out of stores.
  14. That kept happening to me! I looked EVERYWHERE and I still can't find it! I've even taken everything out and had someone demagnetize it. But it STILL rings every time I go in and out of some stores. I really don't know what to do about my problem. Hopefully, taking the advice of the ladies here will help you :smile: