My 2 special limited edition CARTIER ring form Asia..

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  1. Very nice, congratulations and enjoy!
  2. congratz!:tup:
  3. txhs for all yr comments...
  4. Very nice! I love Cartier.
  5. Congrats, I have never seen these before. They definitely look like they were made for the non-US market.
  6. [​IMG]


    Wow, they are both gorgeous!! Congratulations!!

    While I know its true that some things are produced for certain countries, (Rolex did it with certain models, not sure if they still do?) its not unreasonable to think that countries would have limited editions of certain ranges also.
  7. Im sure every luxury company does. Gucci had their I LOVE NY bags. Louis Vuitton experiments with regionally-limited collections/items quite often too. From Hawaii to Japan and other places around the world, if you remember, they had the Neverfull in Damier Ebene only in Hawaii... plus the numerous Japan only items, including the mythical vernis Speedy. ;) Congrats on your special pieces, They're lovely.
  8. thxs so much for yr input:P