MJ Blake - which color?

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  1. I love the yellow one. I thought I saw a green one somewhere. I'll have to look for it. I have one in black. It's a great bag. It is quite heavy though.
  2. I like the second one. I have 3 Blakes, black,caramel and brick red. I use the caramel the most. I am ashamed to say that I haven't used the black yet, I had it for over 6 months...:shame:
  3. Putty!! I almost bought a putty blake until I saw that it was lined in bright pink suede. I love the putty color but just could not live with the lining because I really dislike pink. (And that's putting it nicely)
  4. Tan or butter (yellow). I think the putty is not at all attractive--but that's just my opinion.
  5. I really like the yellow one! On sax's web site they have one in taupe.
  6. Hmm, doesn't seem to be there any more. No matter, I've gotten myself on a waiting list for the putty and nutmeg at my local Nordstrom's, so I'll see which one I prefer. ;) I love the yellow too, but just can't see myself using it as much. All of the green ones I've seen have silver hardware, (except for a new color green called "split pea" which looks more like "baby poo" to me).
  7. Pseub, the Blake is available in olive at Bloomingdales.com. They are showing a pic of it in black but when you get to the order info the color listed is olive.
  8. Thanks, I did just check it out, but that one has silver hardware and I prefer the gold. Thanks so much for letting me know, though!!
  9. Funny - but I love pink! But I don't know if I could carry a pink purse. If it was lined in pink, that might be nice! :P
  10. The idea of pink lining doesn't bother me, even though I'm no fan of pink either. I figure no one but me sees the lining. I probably wouldn't carry a pink bag though, just because it wouldn't go with the rest of my wardrobe. Salmon, now that's another story....
  11. Butter, tan, putty in this order.
  12. Pseub -

    Just saw this pic, and it reminded me of your MJ dilemma:


    I think that's the Putty color, right?
  13. Wow~~That looks wonderful! Not as "dirty" as it seems. Now I like Putty:love:
  14. Love the yellow! Such a happy color!
  15. Yes, that's the putty! Ooh, me like with the gold hardware!

    Who's the chick in the picture? I don't recognize her.