Miroslava Duma - a Russian "It" Girl (Part III)

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    f07d33678c9fd3e0af095b2d621be0b2.jpg bdb8f2633eb46e2936a8cc85c3bf064f.jpg
  2. Love this a lot!
  3. the shoes do nothing for her ankles.
  4. oh ok thanks a lot
  5. Me too!
  6. Great outfit!
  7. I love it too.
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    Yes -- it is an Hermès Silky City bag in the Coup de Fouet pattern.
  9. She's too cute!
  10. Mira at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum; she was talking about fashion and the textile industry and what not

  11. I love it, it's simple but so chic and I'm glad her hair is getting longer !
  12. Tatler.ru

    Ohhh :heart:
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