Miroslava Duma - a Russian "It" Girl (Part III)

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  1. Love this plaid skirt on her ~ she looks great!
    Thanks, monia!
  2. Wonderfuuul ! And I love dark lipstick on her :smile:
  3. Instagram
    20d7293a48ae11e3be80129f677308a4_7.jpg 9b18940048bc11e391180ed4ff970c93_7.jpg d0634a7648a611e38fee129d6d056cfd_8.jpg
  4. zimbio.com
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    This outfit looks better with flats even if she looks even more tiny ! It's cute, I don't know why.
    miroslava-leather-dress.jpg Asxm0gAIaHU.jpg
  6. Instagram
  7. Super cute!
  8. Buro247.ru, Spletnik.ru
    Finally an outfit I like but no picture of her alone :sad:
    20131112_chopardchopard_21.jpg 20131112_chopardchopard_17.jpg 20131112_chopardchopard_16.jpg 20131112_chopardchopard_27.jpg
  9. I agree but her hips don't look good here.
  10. Instagram

    Red dress :heart:
    a94000224b6411e39c460a49fba44725_7.jpg 39c290f04bc511e3aee812d648911e79_8.jpg
  11. Instagram
    4bde39ac4bd311e392aa125441224967_7.jpg dda86f4c4bce11e3a96f12453be7651f_8.jpg 25b430ea4bd511e38f0112a8e543a953_8.jpg a8e1998e4bd611e3a8dd0a10f4513c60_8.jpg 1a4444924be011e3ae8a0e1c1cd6dc95_8.jpg
  12. ^ Love the fur coat with the red dress!
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    I love her!
    db66c2c44bf611e38b3e128796eead07_7.jpg 62d29b2a4c0111e3825712fc96992b08_7.jpg 8e6e66c44c2e11e384b40a8e25f92cfe_7.jpg 260836c64bc711e39a0012d789c104d7_8.jpg 1b1d83304bc011e3aecf0ac913b3a2f4_8.jpg 379903e44bc111e3a97a1280cd5e4e2e_8.jpg f6dbc5da4bd411e3914a0e4181867fcb_7.jpg d9eeabbc4c2511e3b5110e05aab7965f_8.jpg 26aa2e944c3111e3b1d912b0e6f8efff_7.jpg 8b91f2984bd611e389ba12538dcb3c3c_8.jpg
  14. buro247.ru, glamour.ru
    11DSC_9719.jpg DSC_9450.jpg DSC_9329.jpg ae40a9a68044f6051922f7bd72f2f353.jpg 9c3d60ad6767b4f4942b5bf4990028b5.jpg 566c084fd07f95be5f7bd53e7d43ba2a.jpg 884ac031822bf7d299561b3056c7aad8.jpg 39f15477c6b37c940f982de7b4a08f25.jpg 9c6b9011261b858ac80c5ec45201cdc0.jpg
  15. That dress is amazing ! :O
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