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Sep 1, 2016
A little clarity on repairs to FC LV. As I understand it, from very recent experience with repairs to several LV FC bags, LV does not repair anything that they can not secure or have the original replacement part. So since FC LV's are very dated most parts are scarce. The luggage bags I've had reparied still had the NM metal tag so this is where I took them. You wait about a month and then you'll get notified that LV no longer repairs....BUT NM then can send it to (assume, as don't really know who is repairiing) their repair department who does match or re-create the original part. Mine have all been expertly repaired and completely match what it looked like originally. Most recently late 2013.
Hi like to know where you sent your FC LV to have it repaired, thanks in advance.


Sep 25, 2007
Somewhere near Music City USA
Hey Ladies!
Praying some of you LV FC gals are around. I have found a few FC Speedys that I’m interested in. Problem is they have different stitching on the leather where the handles attach as well as different colored lettering/wording on the Tyrex tag. If anyone has a FC Speedy 25 or 30 would you kindly share pic please? TIA ;)