Luccibag's UPDATED collection of Hermes and Chanel

  1. GORGEOUS Collection!! And you are SO right! Classic bags are TIMELESS! ENjoy your beautiful collection and wear them well! :smile:
  2. Incredible! You are a true collector, love the Chanel gray reissue and the red mini flap, plus your Hermes are enviable!
  3. Stunning collection!
  4. Chanel reissue purple one is sososo beautiful....mine is metallic blue in 227, should've got both :graucho:
  5. Such(!) a GORGEOUS collection--Thank You so much for sharing...they are ALL works of art....beautiful h'bags are indeed works of art... :cloud9::love:
  6. Amazing collection!!!
  7. :greengrin::greengrin::greengrin::greengrin: WOW!!!!! Amazing WOW collection
    wow again
  8. Had to come back and say....really?
  9. Awesome collection!
  10. I'm mesmerized!!! Gorgeous collection !! :cloud9:
  11. Wow, what an amazing collection you have there x
  12. amazing hermes!!!
  13. image-2682131557.jpg

    My Constance bags
  14. image-3878828054.jpg

    My Hermes Constance rouge vif ostrich bag - 18cm
  15. Love your beautiful new addition to your Constance collection!