Louis Vuitton's World War II ties ?

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  1. Yes, it is unfortunate. Any company though that survived through WW II in Germany had to deal with them, and are we supposed to get ticked off at each and every one of them? Hurting the workers doesn't seem like the brightest idea to me--especially given the economy in most European countries.

  2. That's my question as well, and what happened with Von Dutch? I totally missed that one.

  3. First, please remember that French people also resisted during WWII (and some in my own famly so I know what I am talking about) and as NOT all German were guilty, NOT all French were either. "Can still behave" ??? I don't really understand (being French and having jewish heritage) what you are trying to say? "How are we now"? (quoted:"It's how they are now though that makes me limit how much of my money goes directly to France")

    Please avoid generalities they are always harmful and never true...you have stupid people in France as you have stupid people in the US and in Spain. Really it does not make any sense to boycott French products. As many of others have said before me, if only LV could be the only one with such a past...

    I am sorry if I sound upset but this kind of purely racist comment and with no foundation is never nice to read/hear. I am of mixed heritage (black, white, jewish, catholic) and have difficulties understanding generalities about any country/people and ignorance.

  4. I never said that there wasn't the resistance so please don't put words in my keyboard. Since WW II is a particular period of history that I've studied, I really am quite familiar with their heroic efforts. I also didn't make a single racist comment. The French are a nationality, not a race anyway, and I didn't slam them all. In fact, I do have a teeny amount of French blood in me as well as Danish, English, Scottish...etc.

    My family and friends boycott French products because of the way the people vote, and because of what the government does to THIS country. I'm not creating sites encouraging anyone else to do the same thing, it's just what my family and friends do. The French government has NOT been a friend to this country, and the recent scandals involving their connection to the former Iraqi government doesn't endear them to many of us. If you dig around into what's been happening, you'd see why the boycott is in effect.

  5. ^^^ Riiiiiiiiiggghhhht. Cos the US government has never had any connection to the former Iraqi leaders.
  6. Is it just me (because I'm a disgusting French person and the way I vote *rolls eyes*) or is this completely offensive?
    I'm refering to the poster two posts above me to be perfectly clear.
    By the by, buying LV products is not the best way to boycott French products.
    Moving on...
  7. And US government officials did not have any ties to the former Iraqi government pre-Desert Storm?

    And buying a product from the French company that was manufatured in Spain or the US seems like a boycott to you? Where do your hard-earned dollars flow to? Spanish pockets? :amuse:

    Guys, everyone has a right to their own opinion. Let's not let this get out of hand please. Nor take things said here personally, because it's not. :cool:
  8. Well said Vlad. Let's move on.
  9. Ammietwist, I am not attacking you, trying to review the arguments logically (not French, just live here and not by choice, so please, no bashing). I respect your choice not to select made in France LV and French goods.
    However, you're boycotting French products and services because of the way people vote (ie, the way the French express their legal right to democracy)? Isn't that a little contrary to the spirit of the USA, where freedom of expression is defended in the constitution?

    I'm no great supporter of the French and they can be a terrible people to live among but this is really too much for me not to comment on. That's as if French people boycotted US products because of the election that saw Bush re-elected. Can't say Bush has been a friend of world peace or this country or any other interests than himself. He's done a terrible disservice to the USA, which used to be a country I loved.
    He's not even been a friend to my country (Scotland, Great Britain), which has supported him in the war, and to whom he has brought nothing but shame and death (remember the London bombings). Same for Spain.

    Also, as it has been noted in another post, the made elsewhere LV is not paid directly to those workers. It goes to LVMH, in France. So all i French pockets anyways.

    Quite right about British aristocrats. And let's not forget the Kennedies (Joe Kennedy to be precise, IIRC).

    To Nini, of course you're not going to be racist because you have the heritage to know better. But there are people here in France, be they "real French", of foreign origin, whatever, who are pretty racist against parts of the French population. But this isn't a French thing, it's a dumb ignorant racist thing.

    The question of WWII used to be a valid question, but now, that time is so far back (in business terms) that the people working now have probably no ties and/or guilt to have in regards with that time.

    But to each their own and a big hug to everyone. Especially Ammietwist, for having the courage to express her opinion. :love:
  10. Oh man, I remember you. Strike #2 for ignorant statements.
  11. Bonjour, I'm really suprised, I thought the name of this forum was "the purse forum" ! All the countries in the world, I said ALL, have made bad things and we can't do anything. If some of you don't want to buy LV items, no problem... the huge LV company will survive and now, please, let us turn over to more futile things as bags ! Please be more clever !