Lora Bucket Bag


Sep 15, 2014
Just looked at it on the site. I’m now listing after this bag in the light fern color. Been really drawn to green bags lately, and that one looks soooo calming.
I had a hard time deciding between pollen and fern. Normally I would be all over that fern color as it's one of my favorite colors but for some reason the yellow was really speaking to me. I might get something in fern...cuz I have so many places to wear it: grocery drive up, Home Depot drive up, Target Drive up...
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Feb 13, 2018
It's adorable and cheerful. I have been eyeing it in the black for a few days. I really like the dark hardware on yours. Enjoy it to the fullest, and thank you for starting this thread, too, @TXLVlove. I actually came to the forum to see if anyone had posted anything about this particular bag. Glad you did.
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Feb 26, 2012
My black Lora arrived Friday. Sadly, the front of the bag on the pocket was a bit crushed/wrinkled. I will be returning it. I think it was a casualty of the packing - my Rambler and large card case were floating around in the same box. On the bright side, the strap on the longest adjustment was far more generous than the drop listed on the Coach website.


Apr 4, 2018
It’s here! First impressions is wow that is some yellow. But after a few minutes it grew on me. It’s a perfect pop of crazy color for summer. I’ve included a few pics of what I can fit inside. With my essentials I still have room for a scarf. I also put my petit noe next to it so you can see the size. It’s a small bag that packs a punch. The entire bag has the softest leather. No stiff straps on this piece of sunshine. The tassels are adorable. I would totally get this in red if offered.
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Thank you for the pictures! Great bag for summer. :love: