Looking for a great clutch

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  1. my black channel clutch i got for around 700 but it was 2 or 3 years ago maybe longer, id ont remember , you could check my showcase for it.
  2. Thing is, living in Paris, yard sales are nearly unheard of. I'm thinking of snooping around the high end consignement stores (saw a great Dior flight (?) bag there)
  3. My ckutches are all non-designer ... why? .. because I like my clutches to be flashy!!! sequins! strass!! everything!! and not many designers do them like I want them ... plus .. I only use clutches at night .. dont think i will buy something very expensive just for night use ...
  4. It isn't exactly perfect because of the handle but it's pretty close to what I want. It's a classic frame beneath the frill. What do you think?

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  5. i think the best clutches tend to be one offs, so i say go thrift and go vintage, they are not always expensive and people always comment on them because they are individual. i have a great reconstructed denim one, sounds cheap but it is so fun for the summer and it has levis detailing all over it.
  6. have you tried the vintage markets there, they are the best in the world, i have got some really amazing stuff there
  7. OMG, you are living my dream - living part of the year in Paris!
  8. I'll trade any day. It's crap. French people are rude, obnoxious, vulgar... The city is dirty, congested and public transports sucks.
  9. Lauren Merkin all the way! She makes really nice clutches!