Longest wearing nail polish?

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  1. I find that Formula X (unfortunately being discontinued) lasts the longest and best on me. I always use a base coat (Essie) and top coat (SuperChic). Formula X will last upwards of 12 days on me which absolutely no chipping, even with rough hand use. It's ridiculous. Behind Formula X is OPI in my opinion. It ends up wanting to "peel" around the edges which then gets caught in my hair and I cause chips. But that's not until 7-9 days.
  2. I agree, Formula X is great on me also. I've gone two weeks without chipping! By then I had to remove it because it started looking odd due to nail growth and not because the polish was chipping off. The best of other brands have only lasted 4-5 days for me without damage.

    I'm kind of bummed that Formula X being discontinued, but at least I could pick up a whole bunch of colors on clearance. I also saw sets of "The System" (nail cleanser, base coat, top coat) at TJMaxx for $6 recently, which is a fantastic deal.
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  3. If you want long lasting you should try shellac. Personally I like OPI shellac because of its range of colors. Right now I have yet to change my color it has been 1 month and I have no chipping.
  4. I heard that shellac isn't very healthy for your hands.
  5. SNS is a good alternative to shellac, it is long wearing after 4 weeks i had no chipping
    is meant to be healthier for your nails than shellac
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  6. Good to know. Thank you, I am going to check it out.
  7. Thank you, everyone! After months of experimenting w different polish, I like Essie no light gel polish. It stays on for 10 days!
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  8. Zoya and OPI. I just bought a Sally Hansen Gel polish in red and it holds up for a week or so. Not bad
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  9. I use OPI nail lacquer and I always do my own nails.....I've never set foot in a nail salon. This polish lasts about 2+ weeks for me and I use my hands......I don't wear gloves when I rinse dishes, etc. I'm a busy Mom but this polish is pretty much all I buy.
    Every few days I'll touch it up when I have a free evening and the time to do so....it's wonderful!
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  10. I like to change my polish regularly, so I don't shop for polishes that last a long time, but I've heard Wet n Wild polishes will last like an entire month.
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  11. I'm still using Essie Corture and still in love with it! I need some new colors and thinking about trying OPI based upon the suggestions here.
  12. Anything with Seche Vite as a top coat! Honestly, I have to remove my polish to reapply due to regrowth and cuticle work needed. My toes stay perfect for weeks on end!

    I love how it evens out the polish of you put it on whilst the colour coat is not totally dry. And it dries itself and the colour soooo fast; I never bother doing my nails unless I have it to hand. It adds extra shine too I think.
  13. I am new to trying to do my own nails. I was looking for brands, Read here and have started to begin a new obsession! I have 3 cases that are filled! I am on a Zoya roll.
    I have others, as well, Urban Decay lasts! Sally Hansen and so on
    I had never been able to grow my nails but the hair skin and nails vitamins has changed that! Wish me luck!
  14. I only polish my toes, but love Zoya!
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  15. The Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy polish line is awesome; but I agree that use of a good topcoat makes all the difference in terms of polish staying power.