Limited Edition Hermes products

  1. One of the great things about belonging to a place like this is that you usually do get some sort of advance notice of when a limited edition is coming out. I found out about #s 3-10 from other collectors. :chatty::ghi5::chatty:

    I found #2 as a return in the case, back when H allowed that. :nuts:

    #1 was a gift from my DH's cousin, she having no idea what she was giving me, to her it was just a really pretty scarf. When I opened the box I just about fainted!!! :faint::faint::faint:

    #11 I swapped for at a lunch with other H-collectors. :graucho:
  2. BBC- That's some collection of Limited Edition scarves you have there. And gorgeous too.
  3. Thank you SuiteSixteen and BBC for your kind contribution. :flowers:
  4. Turandot is my favorite opera ... would love love love to own one .. sigh too late :tender:

    Thanks BBC for sharing :smile:

  5. Hong Kong Element Ltd Edt Silk Pompoms



    35cm Sienne Togo Birkin with Kelly Doll Key Ring and HK Ltd Edt Pompom 1.jpg HK Element Store Ltd Edt Pompoms (Purple) 1.jpg
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  6. robee, love your Kelly Doll key chain from Taipei...............

    Lutz, thank you for starting an interesting thread............
  7. wow i need to get on the ball and get some LT ED hermes!!
  8. Lutz, thank you for starting this thread!! Love your limited edition silk!

    And looking at all the silks, the turandot is beautiful!

    robee, love your kelly doll key charm!! =)
  9. Ah robee, I love this! And the model is very cute :p

    I was chatting with a (female) professor of neurology recently and she was wearing this very scarf. I could tell it was H but had no idea what it was! I recall Prof's scarf having more of a yellow border where yours looks peach, but it's definitely the same design... and I love it even more now I know its origins! Thank you for sharing it :love:

  10. What a wonderful thread, I love to see all the eye candies.

    I wish that one day I can own a Turandot scarf as well, it really is one of my favorite designs.
  11. The Marwari Shawl is stunning! I'd wear that to my grave.
  12. I suppose this is a limited edition. Published by Visionaire in 2000 in collaboration with Hermes. (Hermes also collaborated in the Fantasy issue as well)

    Here is an excerpt from Visionaire magazine on the "genesis" of this collaboration.

    "Stephen met Jean-Louis Dumas, the president of Hermes, in Moscow one snowy winter night. Jean-Louis carries around a little sketchbook wherever he goes and uses it to record all of his various travel experiences. Years later, the idea for this Hermes travel pouch-designed by Jean-Louis himself-came up. We were traveling a lot at the time and were amused by the idea of a collection of imaginary, faraway places and the silly postcards that say things like ''Greetings from Mars.'' Contributors included Andreas Gursky, Mary Ellen Mark, Wolfgang Tillmans, Bruce Weber, Lauren Greenfield, Peter Lindbergh, and Jeff Burton. The postcards were made individual not only by the singular vision of each contributing artist but also by the original graphic treatment on the reverse side of each of the fifty-five silver-edged images. They also proved to be excellent party invitations. We sent boxes of them to friends in such far-flung places as Tokyo, Bangkok, Paris, and Brooklyn, which they then mailed back to us with the requisite postage stamps, and the inevitable wear and tear of shipping."

    Not pictured is a Hermes pencil.


    visionaire32.jpg visionaire32b.jpg
  13. Wow, the Visionaire thing is cool, thanks hanyeu!
  14. Thank you hanyeu. :flowers:

    It is truly a collector's item.
  15. hanyeu, ........noice , different, unuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusal...............