Let's Show How We Adorn our Handbags w/ Charms/Bandeau's/Scarves Etc.

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  1. Congratulations @MiaBorsa - this is one of my favorite charms. It looks Delightful! :biggrin:
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  2. Trunks bandeau looks really well on Capucines in Galet :smile::rolleyes:
    2016-08-11 23.19.05-1.jpg 2016-08-11 23.18.23.jpg
  3. I really like your Deauville! I'm thinking about purchasing a vintage one but I can't figure out what to where with it! Would you mind posting a mod shot or explain typical outfits you'd wear with it? Thanks love!
  4. Ooh you all are inspiring me! I never decorate my bags. Where is a good place to find scarves of the appropriate size?
  5. I just ordered this Tory Burch charm because I love the lobster claw clasp. Hope it looks nice with my DE/RB Neverfull. Does anyone else have a Tory Burch charm? This is my first

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  6. I took my Pochette Metis out today.
  7. Speedy 30 with bag charm
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  8. Just got this misty rose fur fob and my initial on clearance. I use a lighter pink fur fob on DA RB NF MM since I feel it's more spring/summer and this shade will be good the rest of the year
  9. My Mini with Hermes Twilly...
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  10. While it doesn't need any decoration, I thought I'd have a little fun wearing it yesterday!
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    I put one of my smaller charms on with a pom today. :smile:

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  12. My Bagatelle with a pink leopard bandeau... IMG_1471299357.728905.jpg
  13. IMG_1471302684.756543.jpg pink pom to bring out the pink in taupe
  14. Having fun with my new world tour bandeau and charm - loving them! IMG_1471303733.649565.jpg
  15. My 2 MK charms, purchased at Macy's, both for under 50 bucks
    IMG_1471307984.185866.jpg IMG_1471308002.459059.jpg