Lala's Growing Garden

  1. Can't wait to see the Bolides!
  2. Let me introduce the bolide sisters, Betty, Babs and Bitsy!
  3. Bring it on!
  4. More more more!!!
  5. lala28 wow love your collection so pretty
  6. Your garden is exquisite....and I'm getting the feeling there is more!
  7. No pics? you have a wonderful collection! each piece is a beauty. When I saw the title, i thought it's a GP reveal, but obviously it's much much more...
  8. Lala, you sure have a green thumb! ;)
  9. Introducing Ms Betty Black:

    Blk fjord 37 bolide

  10. Next, Ms Babs Bleu:

    Thalassa blue box and vibrato 37 bolide

  11. lala Thank you for sharing your stunning collection of bags and scarves, each one
    is more beautiful than the next!! The Bois de Rose is breathtaking with ghw! I will say
    your "garden" is overflowing with beauty!
  12. Ooh! I just love Ms Babs Blue Box!
  13. And finally, Ms. Bitsy VIF!

    Rouge VIF fjord 37 Bolide

  14. I hope, that after you have presented your bags, you will show us your amazing scarf collection too!!!
  15. Speaking of bags picking out their own accessories... Ms Bitsy with her bolide key chain and silver bolide necklace charm!