Kellyng's collection

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  1. styling pics for school assignments ( im studying in Tokyo,Japan :biggrin:)


    Uploaded with

    in dior embroidered jacket


    Uploaded with
  2. more pics coming soon..................................:broom:
  3. Beautiful collection of bags and great wardrobe to go with them.
  4. Great fotos, and beautiful bags!
  5. great collection! and I love your pics!!!
  6. Love your collection!!
    Esp the dragon saddle! Gorgeous!
  7. Love your CD collection!! The clothes are gorgeous as well!
  8. your collection is gorgeous! the prints are so unique!
  9. Spectacular Dior collection!!!!!:girlsigh: It's a pleasure to view.
  10. You have such rare and exquisite pieces in your collection! I LOVE IT!!! Seeing your pictures come up one by one as I scrolled down made my jaw drop!

    I have to say that I love your Samourai bags the most. I also adore that cute pony frame bag.
  11. I used to ignore Dior but your collection made me rethink that. Your collection is like an Art exhibit. :smile: